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FG Performance


AtFinngulf we take pride in our craftsmanship and in maintaining time honoured best practices.

Solid Performance is our way of articulating our philosophy when it comes to crafting great yachts. It guides our thinking and the way we work on all levels, starting already during the design phase, where we articulate the spirit and essence of each individual yacht. And soon to be FG sailors are part of the building process as we discuss detail solutions together with the sales team as well as individual boatbuilders.

The real heart of Solid Performance and FG yachts lie in the high quality of the craftsmanship and attention to small but essential details. We have paid extreme attention to the strength and longevity of the structures, functionality, reliability, safety and ease of maintenance.


All FGs are built in GRP polyester/vinylester resin with foam cored sandwich laminate.Yachts over 40 foot can be ordered with hull and deck in vacuum infused epoxy laminate for superior stiffness, light weight as well as longevity. The smaller FGs are carefully hand laid up using polyester/vinylester resin over foam core. Laminate schedules are carefully adhered to and resin batch numbers recorded for each hull and deck separately. The epoxy hulls are post cured at 55 degrees Celsius for 48 hours, and temperatures are logged with USB thermometers to measure surface temperatures and to ensure the laminate is fully cured. The hull and deck are bonded together with structural adhesive and in the case of polyester boats with additional stainless steel through bolts with 100 mm intervals.

Keelgrid IN GRP

On polyester hulls the fibreglass grid and longitudinal stringers are laminated to the hull, which is solid laminate in this area. It is easy to repair any damages from possible groundings, while being as strong as a galvanized steel frame. The major benefits of GRP grids over steel are the fact that that GRP does not rust, nor does it deform by impact.

Chain Plates

The chain plate fastenings on all models are anchored with directional fibre laminates to longitudinal stringers and sturdy frames. This leads the forces from the rig down to the high load area around the mast foot and spreads the loads over a large area in the hull, creating a very stiff structure.

Vacuum infused composite bulkheads

All yachts over 40feet can be built with vacuum infused structural bulkheads for superior stiffness and weight savings. This makes it possible for us to vary the surface veneers indefinitely.


Fine joinery must be properly varnished. All our yachts are hand varnished to a superior satin finish, while yet retaining the natural grain pattern of a wood surface. Hand varnishing gives a superior longevity to the varnish surface as the first layers are manually worked into the solid wood /veneer creating a superior bond between the varnish coat and the wood beneath it.