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Our flagship, the Finngulf 46, is a swift, elegant blue water yacht with a high fun-factor. At ease on blue water passages as outstanding results in several ARC rallies prove, the 46 will also let you entertain in regal style in any port of call. Uncompromising, hand crafted, traditional joiner work is combined with aggressive, sleek, modern lines to create a classic Solid Performance Cruiser.

Our approach to customer driven semi-custom boat building lets you take control and participate in creating your ultimate sailing yacht. The FG46 is available in infused epoxy or vinylester, with interior options ranging from teak and mahogany to cherry and white oak.

Half our sales are to repeat customers. We like to think that this is due to the fact that in addition to being good boatbuilders, we are also accomplished listeners, factoring into each yacht the wishes and wants of every individual client, helping them achieve their dreams.


Mast & rigging
LOA 14,0 m
Beam 4,17 m
Draft 2,55/2,20 m
Displacement 10 200/9 500 kg
Keel 3 800 kg
Fractional rig
Main 62 m2
Genoa 137% 59 m2
Foretriangle 43 m2
Spinnaker 149 m2
I 17,6 m
J 5,1 m
P 18,9 m
E 6,2 m
Mast Height 21,7 m


Diesel 55 hp, saildrive
Battery capacity 3x110 + 75 Ah
- fuel 240 l
- fresh water 220+80 l

Design Karl-Johan Stråhlmann
CE-category A