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Bootsmesse Hamburg 24th of October – 1st of November 2014.

New Finngulf 331 was presented in Hamburg boat fair. The boat is presented next time in Dusseldorf. At Boot Düsseldorf 2015, 17.01.2015 - 25.01.2015.


Br Petteri Nummela

Finngulf Oy




NOTE!! Raw water inlet hose's adapter may have corrosion

We have learned that one Finngulf sailing yacht (year model 2002) has a corroded adapter. The adapter is made of stainless steel and it is situated between the raw water hose from the s-drive and the raw water filter. The adapter corrects the diameter of the hose from the s-drive to fit the raw water filter (picture of the corroded part below). According to our supplier similar parts have been used in Finngulf yachts from 2001 to 2008.

Corroded/damaged part may cause engine damage or even flooding of the boat.

We kindly ask all Finngulf owners to make sure their adapter is in good condition. We would like to use this opportunity to remind all boaters that careful inspecting and monitoring of all parts/components is essential for safe sailing.

In case of a corroded adapter, please be in contact with us and we will help you in finding a new part.

Petteri Nummela
Finngulf Oy
Tel. +358 45 177 1500




We maintain timeless and classic values of beauty; thus our yachts stand out from the rest not only in the way they look, but also in the way they perform. These are the qualities that we pare down to our slogan: "100 percent sailing"


Team FG